We are an International Technology and Security company that facilitates people's lives, offers them a more comfortable and safe future along with our advanced technological products, solutions and quality service approach that are developed with our innovative vision. We shape the future by integrating our 20 years of experience and utilizing new technologies and services in fields such as the Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Aviation and Defense Industry, Air-Conditioning, Industrial Structures and Solutions We are one of the major players in the global arena with our leading brands in Turkey and with investments and strategic partnerships in many countries among the world.


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We Shape the Future

In the fields of cyber / data security, mobile communication, air conditioning technologies and advanced composite production, we shape the future with the products and services we have developed by integrating our 20 years of experience with high technologies. We offer people safer tomorrow. As an important solution partner of the global market, we operate in 16 countries of the world with our 14 companies in 7 countries.



Mikrolink signed a significant contract in the heart of Europe

IGT-Mikrolink GmbH, a company of Açık Holding in Germany, has signed a framework agreement with Deutsche Telekom, and thus has become one of the major telecom solution partners in Germany.

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Yüksel Açık


In the last 20 years, we have been able to compete world’s most powerful companies by increasing our R&D activities, innovative product and service diversity, production capacity and with awareness of our brands. After 20 years of constant successes as Açık Group, we will now continue our journey as AÇIK HOLDING. We continue to grow with a renewed spirit and energy by preserving our traditional structure, foresight and responsibility and enriching it with new technologies.

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Yüksel Açık